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Dr. Jacob Khurgin

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Did you know that three newly discovered “Hormone Hackers” cause an enlarged prostate, bladder issues, a weak urinary stream, disrupted sleep, and unexplained weight gain? They can spread through tupperware, receipts, hygiene products, and even your own water supply. In this controversial video, I explain why drinking less fluids and saw palmetto could be making the problem worse. I will also explain how to eradicate this problem for good. Be sure to watch all the way through as there are several surprises, including an animation that shows how these hackers cause your prostate to enlarge and disrupt your bladder.

Dr. Jacob Khurgin
Top New York City Urologist

Dr. Jacob Khurgin

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“Man, this product is the real deal! As I'm sitting here, enjoying my third cup of morning coffee, I'm not even worried about having to go to the bathroom later. It's only been two weeks since I started using it, but the difference has been nothing short of fantastic. I'm finally getting a full night's sleep, without those annoying trips to the bathroom. I've spent years feeling anxious about going out and always having to scope out where the nearest restroom is. It's hard to put into words just how transformative this has been for me. This might sound cheesy, but it really feels like I've won the lottery with this.”

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“Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it sounded too good to be true. But with nightly bathroom trips becoming my new normal, I felt like I was running out of choices. So, I took a leap of faith. After watching Dr. Jacob's video, I thought I'd give it a go before considering more drastic measures, which I had been considering. To my surprise, the frequency of my nightly visits to the restroom began to decrease within the first few days. As I kept up with ProstaThrive, I started experiencing nights of uninterrupted sleep, which was just amazing. I still have to get up every now and then, but honestly, it's been a game-changer for me.”


1. How does ProstaThrive work again?

So as I mentioned, the root cause of prostate swelling has caused quite the controversy in the world of urology for decades. But in 2020, a study came out that validated what some of us already suspected, and multiple follow up studies have confirmed it. It was discovered that the leading cause of an enlarged prostate is a rise in a hormone called DHT.

I’m sure you’ve heard of testosterone, right? Well, you can think of DHT as testosterone’s bigger brother. Your body produced a whole bunch of DHT when you went through puberty. It helped develop the growth of your private parts, body hair, and made your voice deep. But it also performed another little-known function: it developed your prostate gland.

That’s right. DHT developed your prostate decades ago. But after that? Well, DHT sort of “hangs out” in the body not doing anything. That is, until it’s reactivated.

When that happens, your prostate starts to inflate like a balloon, choking your urethra and destroying your ability to pee. In fact, scientists have found that elderly men with enlarged prostates have DHT levels that are 10-20 times higher than normal.

Even worse, our modern environment is filled with toxic chemicals I like to call “Hormone Hackers” that inflame DHT and lead to prostate issues.

So I began researching every natural ingredient and at-home method I could find that could gently deactivate DHT and naturally restore a healthy prostate.

That’s when I eventually stumbled into the 6 natural ingredients that are found in every capsule of ProstaThrive.

The first on the list is called Whiteweed. It’s a clinically studied 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which stops your body from making more DHT and helps soothe an irritated prostate.

Next up is African cherry, a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps restore healthy bladder function by reducing the bothersome symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Whiteweed and African cherry work hand-in-hand like Batman and Robin, yet they’re virtually unheard of. In fact, I have yet to find another formula on the market with these two ingredients in these specific dosages. That’s one of the reasons why I believe ProstaThrive stands in a league of its own. The other reason is because of the next four ingredients, which are more common but equally as important for healthy prostate function…

  • Stinging nettle
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Lycopene
  • And beta-sitosterol

And of course, each capsule of this unique formula is manufactured in a first-rate, FDA-inspected and GMP-certified lab…

So you can rest easy knowing what’s on the label, is what’s in the bottle.

2. This sounds great, but I’m afraid it won’t work for me. Can you remind me of your guarantee?


To prove this research-backed formula works, and to make this a 100% no-brainer for you to check out, I'm going to guarantee your order today for a full 180 days. It's a 100% ironclad money back guarantee, based on your complete satisfaction with your experience. That means you don't even need to make a decision right now. Just say maybe, and you'll have a full 180 days to test it out for yourself.

Watch as your stream transforms into a powerful pressure-washer and drains your bladder every time like clockwork. Feel the energy and vitality every morning after a good night’s sleep. And enjoy a new, carefree life as your nonstop urges simply vanish. Then, and only then, decide if you want to keep it or not. The truth is, 180 days is incredibly generous, as many people experience relief within a week.

But as a doctor who has seen patients suffer, it's important to me that you feel completely confident in our product. So I’m making it risk-free for you to say “yes” to giving it a shot. It doesn't matter if you've used up the entire bottle, you'll get all your money back. If you don't get the results you were hoping for, I can't feel good keeping your money.

We work with the friendliest US-based customer support team. They’re real people, they’re easy to get a hold of, and they’re on standby to answer any questions you may have.

So I urge you to stock up today for maximum savings. All you need to do to claim this discount and take advantage of this risk-free offer, is to choose your package below.

3. How many bottles should I order?

If you’re over 50 and have started to notice you have to “go” more often, only to experience actually urinating once you’re standing over the toilet, I recommend taking ProstaThrive for at least three to six months. This gives it enough time to work its magic in your “prostate ecosystem,” and provide long-lasting relief.

Every three and six bottle package comes with steep discounts not available anywhere else, along with free shipping and our iron-clad 180 day money back guarantee. But remember, once we run out of the current batch of ProstaThrive, it’ll take another 1-2 months until we have more available. All the more reason to pick up a multi-bottle package while you still can!

4. What happens once I click the “Add to cart” button below?

Once you choose your discounted package below, you’ll go to our 100% secure order form. The order form is fully protected using the very latest 256-bit SSL encryption for total privacy and protection. It's the same security that major e-commerce giants like use.

Then just enter your payment information and place your order. Also, this is a one-time purchase, so there’s no automatic billing or anything like that. Then you’ll receive ProstaThrive in the next 5-7 business days, in a discreet package…

Which means you’re less than a week away from getting on the right side of your prostate health!

5. Is this a one-time payment?

Absolutely. Your order today is a one-time payment with no auto-ship, subscriptions, or hidden charges.

6. What is the best way to take ProstaThrive?

All you need to do is take three capsules of ProstaThrive with a big glass of water each day. Its unique blend of natural ingredients will then get to work alleviating your prostate, even when you're snoozing.

7. Alright, I really want ProstaThrive! What do I do now?

This is where the excitement starts. Simply click on one of the packages below. Input your order details on our secure checkout page. Once you're done, we'll get your ProstaThrive shipped out to you immediately. Order three or six bottles and get free shipping and peace of mind that you’ll have enough ProstaThrive to experience meaningful results.

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To your health,
Dr. Jacob